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July 30, 2012

My notes from Design Jam London #5

On Friday and Saturday I attended Design Jam #5 in London. A group of around thirty-or-so designers got together over a 24 hour period, to form teams and to try and research and design products to meet a specific challenge. This time around the challenge was: “Design a service for people who read for pleasure”

Here are my notes from the event.

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July 29, 2012

“Keeping the Torch Burning” - editing an Olympics book for the Guardian

With barely 3-and-a-half days to go to the opening ceremony, I finally finished editing a book about protest, terror and dissent at the Olympics Games for the Guardian. It is based on a series of blog posts I wrote in the run-up to Beijing in 2008, supplemented with a generous delve into the Guardian’s archive of over a hundred years of reporting the Olympics. As has become the custom, here is the “DVD extra behind-the-scenes editor’s commentary” on putting the book together.

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July 27, 2012

Friday reading #13

I wonder if the 13th edition of “Friday reading” needs to be unlucky in some way? Anyway, on the day that the Olympic opening ceremony takes place in my hometown, and that I’m doing some mentoring at Design Jam London #5, here are a bunch of links to interesting things and long reads from the river of the intertubes that I’ve been wallowing in this week. Journalism, digital things, and a bit of cycling. You know the drill.

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July 25, 2012

Is Godzilla destroying journalism?

I recently appeared at an event entitled “Is social media destroying journalism?”. Here is the essay version of what I said on the night. Featuring a certain B-movie favourite...

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July 20, 2012

Friday reading #12

Roll up! Roll up! Stuff your Kindle, Instapaper or Pocket app full of the finest juiciest long reads and interesting links I’ve siphoned off from the web this week.

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July 18, 2012

“Sweat the 1%” - what newspapers could learn from Facebook Marketing London

On Wednesday I was talking at Facebook Marketing London 2012 about the Guardian’s Facebook app, and I’ve put together a collection of things I’ve previously written about the app. Here are some of my notes from what I saw on the rest of the day.

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Linklog special: The Guardian’s Facebook app (and the stuff I’ve written about it)

If you saw me speaking at Facebook Marketing London today about the Guardian’s Facebook app, then here is a list of links to some of the things I’ve previously written about the app. And if you didn’t see me talking at the event...it’s...um...still a list of stuff I guess.

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London Olympic media coverage: As it happened

To save me the bother of taking loads of screenshots and clippings, I thought I’d just write up my review of British media coverage of the London 2012 Olympics now and get it out of the way...

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July 16, 2012

News:rewired - state of the union

Last week I was at news:rewired - full stream ahead, and this is the first of a series of blog posts inspired by the event.

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July 13, 2012

Friday reading #11

Welcome to “Friday reading #11” - my weekly round-upof long reads and things on the intertubes I’ve found of interest over the last seven days, and which I think you might enjoy if you use them to load up your Kindle, Instapaper or Pocket app for entertainment over the weekend...

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July 12, 2012

“This wretched Communications Data Bill” - Duncan Campbell at Hacks/Hackers London

Legendary journalist Duncan Campbell spoke at Hacks/Hackers London about his lifelong crusade against state surveillance techniques, and his concerns about state attempts to monitor and intercept internet traffic in the draft Communications Data Bill. Here are my notes from his talk.

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“Tight-fitting dresses and data-viz” - Anna Powell-Smith at Hacks/Hackers London

Anna Powell-Smith was talking to the Hacks/Hackers London group about her experience of having a small service she’d built gain lots of national press attention, and giving her ten tips for building great data-based interactives. Here are my notes from the talk.

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July 9, 2012

I “Agree/Disagree” with reaction buttons in Facebook apps

A few weeks ago I spotted a tweet by Gary Ellis of Razorfish criticising “naff, lazy functionality” in the Guardian Facebook app, namely the “Agree/Disagree” buttons that appear on comment pieces. “Bit like the ‘Right/Wrong’ dial from Brass Eye” he said. So why do it?

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July 6, 2012

Friday reading #10

Friday reading - a collection of bits‘n’bobs I’ve liked across the intertubes over the previous seven days, and which I think you might like if you added to them to your Kindle, Instapaper or Pocket app for perusal over the weekend. It may include slightly more particle physics than usual this week...

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July 5, 2012

“I think it’s the future of work” - Matt Mullenweg on the company behind Wordpress

One of the star turns at the Guardian’s London Activate Summit was Matt McAlister in conversation with Wordpress co-founder Matt Mullenweg. Mullenweg gave a great insight into how the company is run, in one of those talks that makes you think “Oh yeah, why don’t we all do that?”

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Neal Mann & Simon Rogers on social media and datajournalism at Activate

Neal Mann and Simon Rogers appeared on the same panel at the Guardian’s London Activate Summit, talking about some of the ways that digital technology has changed the way that they carry out their roles as journalists. Here are my notes.

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July 4, 2012

Particle physics, Comic Sans and an arrogant design culture that misses the point

I’ve been laughing today at the Twitter hysteria surrounding the design of the slides that announced that CERN might just have made the most astonishing physics discovery for decades. Hey, forget what they’ve just achieved, let’s mock the scientists failure to pick a hipster theme in Keynote and choosing to use Comic Sans instead.

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“New digital divides” - Martin Belam at Hacks/Hackers Canterbury

On Monday night I spoke at the inaugural meeting of Hacks/Hackers Canterbury. Here is an essay version of my talk.

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July 3, 2012

“3 tips for working with programmers and journalists” - Nicola Hughes at Hacks/Hackers Canterbury

Nicola Hughes, aka @DataMinerUK, was talking at the first meeting of the Canterbury Hacks/Hackers group, giving her ten top tips for working with journalists and “proper” programmers if you were just starting down the road of being a datajournalist. Three things struck me as particularly important, and applicable to a wider circle of activity.

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July 2, 2012

“My life as an ebibliophile” - Why I disagree with Julian Barnes about the future of books

At the weekend, Julian Barnes wrote a piece for the Guardian Review lamenting the death of books, and describing ebooks as identikit publishing, books which hold information rather than knowledge. I think he his wrong, and that the ebook heralds a golden age of story-telling.

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