A social media and digital General Election timeline

 by Martin Belam, 6 April 2010

And so the phoney war is almost over, and the 2010 General Election campaign is expected to begin in the next couple of hours.

There has already been plenty of heated debate about whether this is going to be seen as the 'digital election' or the 'social media election'. I've been compiling a Dipity timeline of interesting bits of the digital campaign.

These include notable social media events, like the Twitter crash'n'burn of the Tory's #cashgordon campaign, campaign microsites like the Labservatives or the Department of Government Waste, digital innovations from independent players like Tweetminster, media launches like The Telegraph's Debate2010, or a digital twist on good old-fashioned newspaper April Foolery like The Guardian's "Step outside posh boy" poster pool on Flickr.

I'd love your help to keep adding things to the timeline throughout the campaign. I'm interested in digital and social media activities by political parties, innovation from news organisations, and interesting election related web content and applications from any source.

If you spot something you think I should include during the General Election campaign, then please leave a comment here, drop me an email at martin.belam@currybet.net, or message me on Twitter - @currybet.


Ironic to see a Lib Dem ad appear about the timeline over on Dipity!

Brilliant resource. Very very useful. Thanks. :)

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