The Winter Olympics online review: Part 6 - Germany, Canada, and video overview

 by Martin Belam, 12 March 2010

Over the last week or so I've been reviewing online newspaper coverage of the recent Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. In the final part of this series, I want to look at elements of coverage in Germany and Canada, and present an overview video with some clips of the sites in action.

Discrete Facebook presence from Bild

Bild had added Olympia 2010 to their main navigation.

Germany's Bild web front

There was also a prominent promo presence for a German Olympia 2010 group on Facebook.

Facebook promo on Bild

One of the things that I found very interesting about this is that above the fold on Facebook it was not branded 'Bild' at all.

Bild's Facebook group

It is only lower down the page that the association with Germany's biggest tabloid paper becomes clear.

Evidence of Bild involvement in the group is lower down the page

The Bild site also had a Flash interactive. this included live text coverage, and the Bild Backstage section which I mentioned when looking at Twitter coverage of the games on Wednesday.

Bild Olympialive interactive

Olympic Twitter feature on Bild

Bild also offered the enticing promise of 'Sportstätten in 3-D'. Rather than donning some special glasses, however, this appeared to just be schematics of buildings turned at a slight angle to add some perspective.

Staying in Germany, also offered a 'live-ticker' portal. This was made up of lots of elements in one fixed size pop-up, which didn't work too well on my Mac, as I wasn't able to scroll around to see all of the content. ticker

The host nation - Canada

I couldn't really do an online review of coverage of the Vancouver Winter Olympics without looking at the media in the host country of Canada, which I did during the final couple of days before the games got started.

National Post had an unobtrusive and minimally designed banner across the top of the site. This linked through to a co-branded CBC / National Post 'Vancouver Now' site.

National Post banner area

Vancouver Now homepage

This offered a chance to directly message athletes from the Canadian team

Athlete Connect function on CBC site

although I have to say that if your forum software needs a legend this large to explain the varieties of the icons that might appear, you probably need to re-evaluate your feature set and have clearer icons!

Big message board icon set

With 3 days to go until the start of the games, The Globe And Mail had not added Olympics to their sports navigation or featured topics. Clicking on links to stories about Vancouver took the user to the CTV Vancouver 2010 site.

Canada's Globe Sports homepage

CTV Olympics frontpage

This is something that would be quite unusual in the UK - one can't imagine, for example, football stories on The Sun's website linking directly through to Sky Sports branded content, or The Times coverage of the Olympics being handled by Sky News.

And finally...

Here is a video overview highlighting some of the features I've been pointing out during this series, along with a somewhat under-rehearsed commentary where I pronounce the names of all the European newspapers badly...

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What I find interesting is the fact that Bild didn't use Facebook as a promotion tool for themselves but rather made it seem as it is an independent fan page. It is rare these days for companies to miss out on a chance to promote themselves but on the other hand it is probably understandable that Bild doesn't need to use every single possible advertising opportunity being as important as it is already.

Great sum up Martin, cheers for that.

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