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Martin Belam  by Martin Belam, 30 June 2009
  • From the comments: "I'd love to see the full size version of the wireframe you lead with here. Transparency in the process of iterating on the site is one of the things I greatly admire about the Guardian."
  • "I’m a big advocate of using sitemaps, and I think this demonstrates their effectiveness. Unless you have a really small site or really good site architecture, chances are some parts of your website aren’t as exposed, or well linked as others, and this helps you spoon feed the search engines your content insuring better crawling."
  • I normally find Diamond Geezer spot on, but I think this is overly pessimistic. Of course if you try it out for a weekend with no new signage or publicity campaign tourists are going to be confused. But then Camden Town cross-over has been the same for years and people are still confused about the different branches of the Northern Line...
  • It appears that TV producer Roger Corke has finally been pushed over the edge by this TV review: "This is schoolboy error stuff - and it just doesn't happen in reviews of art, dance and architecture. You don't get letters of complaint that the wrong painting was reviewed, or the name of the wrong architect was featured. Why do we have to put up with it with TV reviews? Perhaps because mainly posh, educated people go to the theatre, ballet and art galleries, so they need to be given a reviewer who knows what they're talking about. TV, on the other hand, is that box in everyone's living room and so the assumption is made that anyone can review its contents. As a result, you end up with someone who can't even give his readers an accurate summary of the programme they are reviewing"
  • I love these stories - and not particularly having a go at the Mail here. Just read the comments and see how many people can't follow the simple instructions to see if they have the "rare" coin. When I worked at Reckless every time a newspaper ran one of these 'there is a very rare record variation worth lots of money' (usually a Beatles title) we would get swamped with people who had the ordinary unrare version of it, indignant that I wouldn't give them £2,000+ for it. I'd hate to be working in a coin dealers shop this week...


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Fixed now Mark, thanks for the correction.

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