Would you like to buy some advertising on ($name)?

 by Martin Belam, 15 March 2008

I get all manner of emails from people and spambots asking if I want to participate in spammy link exchange scams or take up some 'paid link advertising opportunities'. Seldom have I seen as much incompetence in a single spammy email as in this one I received recently.

First of all, if you are going to send crappy marketing mail, try and get your names consistent.

Spammy marketing mail

Uh-huh, so you are George Nelson, using the email account belonging to Selby Wiggins, which names Claudia Schiffner in the actual address. R-iii-ght.

It got better...

Spammy marketing mail


Can't you even populate your variables, George?

Or Selby, or Claudia, or whatever...

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I just got a spam comment on my blog that purported to come from someone called "Sedrik", but the email address was "Sedrek@" and the message which was address to "Hi Sue" was signed off "Yours Margaret", oh and it had a link to a blog by someone called "Abe" quite bizarre.


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