RSS article in the Press Gazette this week

 by Martin Belam, 12 June 2007

I have an article published in this week's edition of Press Gazette.

Well, I say this week. We don't get it here in Greece, so I'm not 100% sure that it has appeared in print yet, but it certainly turned up on the Press Gazette website over the weekend.

I can't claim credit for the puntastic tabloid headline - "Does your website know its RSS from its elbow?" - but the rest of it is mine.

It looks at the questions you need to know the answer to if you are considering publishing RSS feeds of your content.

  • Which feeds should I publish?
  • How do I publish feeds?
  • How do I let my audience know?


  • Why bother doing any of this at all?


I think our sub had been waiting to use that headline for a while.
And yes you are in the printed version, which I can send you if you like.

Thanks for stopping by Patrick, I headline definitely raised a smile over here.

I'm one of those people who really likes being sub-edited actually - no spelling mistakes, duplicate words etc etc, and I'm always interested to see what gets tweaked. The wife does it for me on longer articles out here - but one day I'd love to be able to afford a sub-ed for the site!

I did some training as a sub-editor a few years back, and I have one headline I still remember from the course that I haven't found a chance to use yet - "The death of London". I think I might just have to use it as a song title now instead.

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