All your EuroIA slides are belong to us

 by Martin Belam, 27 September 2010

If you couldn't get to EuroIA this year, or if you fancy reliving your favourite presentation, or flicking through the slides from some of the sessions you didn't see, then here I have attempted to gather together the blog posts or linklogs or slides that went with each of the talks.

If you know a link to one of the seven six five four three presentations that I haven't been able to find, then please leave a comment and I'll add it in.

Otherwise you can also refer to the two summary pieces that Johanna Kollmann and crew turned around in near real-time for Johnny Holland - "EuroIA 2010 report - day one" and "EuroIA 2010 report - day two" and the EuroIA 2010 group pool on SlideShare.


Thanks to the cruddy usability of Slideshare, our 'Design Beyond the Glowing Rectangle' slides are now at Thanks, Claire

Martin - I'm not sure if you hear this enough but thank you. Top resource and saved me so much time. Cheers and great to meet in Paris.

Yes thank you very much Martin

Martin, Thanks for sharing these resources.

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