"Search at The Guardian" on October 18th

 by Martin Belam, 27 September 2010
"While other news organisations are struggling to find their feet in an increasingly digital world, Guardian News & Media have reinvented themselves not as a publisher, but as a content platform. This platform approach means that Guardian.co.uk's wealth of content can be extensively searched and re-published by anyone on any website."

A couple of weeks ago it was announced that we would be holding an event called "Search at The Guardian" at our Kings Place office on Monday October 18th. It is part of a series of regular meet-ups held by the Enterprise Search London group, which is organised by Tyler Tate and H. Stefan Olafsson.

Within Guardian News & Media we opened up the call to speakers to our entire tech.dev team, and so the evening will feature a series of talks by people at guardian.co.uk who are using search technology in a hands-on way that we think people will be interested in. At the moment the programme of speakers - which is totally subject to change - looks like:

  • Stephen Dunn (Head of Tech Strategy)
  • Matthew Wall (Lead Software Architect)
  • Graham Tackley (Platform Development Team Lead)
  • Thibaut Sacreste (Software Developer)
  • Daithi O Crualaoich (Software Developer)
  • Daniel Levitt (Developer, Recipe Search MicroApp)
  • Martin Belam (Information Architect)

Initially we had 40 places for people to come and visit, and that filled up really quickly. Whilst I was in Paris last week and offline for a couple of days before EuroIA got started, I lost sight of just how many people were joining the waiting list. We've now got to a point where there are almost as many people on the waiting list as there are people able to attend.

Tyler and I are going to be working this week on how we can extend the capacity, so please, if you are interested in coming, get yourself on the waiting list so we have an accurate picture of demand, and, if you know you can't come anymore, please change your RSVP and free up a spot for someone else.

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