by Martin Belam, 23 September 2009

If you'll indulge me with a very personal post today, I'd like to introduce Emma Rose Belam, who was born yesterday at 3:34am. Mum and baby are doing absolutely fine.

Emma Rose



My I offer my heartiest congratulations! Enjoy the sleepless nights :)

What a surprisingly attractive newborn she is. Must take after her mother.

Congrats :)

Wow! Congratulations and glad to hear the late nights have started already. Welcome to the daddy blogging world, and watching your disposable income become the fund for nappies and baby food etc..

Congrats to you and C. She is a beauty.

Wow ! She's gorgeous. Welcome to the chaotic world of parenthood. You will be tired forever but it will all be worth it. Congratulations!

Well done to you all. She looks very comfy and quiet there.

Good luck and hope she lets you sleep!

I think it's great having a girl - although personally it took me a few days to get over the disappointment of not taking her to the football, and 20 something years to get over the trauma of her talking to boys!

I hope you are getting to spend lots of time with them both.

I saw it mentioned on Twitter and wanted to come over and write more than 140 characters to wish you, Claire and Emma Rose much happiness. Many, many congrats!

Beautiful little girl. One can hope that she sleeps through the night soon. Until then, "all your sleep are belong to her".

Hey, congratulations!

Congratulations, Martin. And what a sweet baby! Welcome, wee Emma!

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