links for 2009-09-22

 by Martin Belam, 22 September 2009
  • "About 8% of the male population has some sort of colour blindness. The colour blind have the inability to clearly distinguish different colours of the spectrum, they tend to see colours in a limited range of hues. Because of this, the colour blind have trouble with a lot of websites. The patterns and examples on this site help you create websites the colour blind can use without problems." [via Konigi]
  • Worth it for two great paragraphs: "Lily Allen has scanned in a letter in support of her stance on filesharing that James Blunt has sent to the Times (And I'm curious, Lily, as to why that use of copyright material is fine when filesharing isn't?)" and "John Harris has also used this 'there won't be a new Beatles unless we kill file-sharing' argument, which somehow ignores that the UK music industry hasn't created anything like a Beatles in over 40 years. It's barely been able to scrape together a Duran Duran in the last twenty."

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