Apple iPhone hits Greece ahead of the O2 deal in the UK

 by Martin Belam, 17 September 2007

Everyone might be waiting for tomorrow with baited breath as Apple finally announce that the iPhone will be available in the UK, but Greece has got there first.

Yep, apparently mum is already no longer the word in Heraklion (just a couple of hours down the road from where I live) and in Volos

Sugarenia has blogged a Greek advert for the iPhone from their local store - at an eye-watering €749.

iPhone in Greece

Meanwhile, jimeh has a picture uploaded to Flickr of him playing with the real thing in Volos .

Greek iPhone on Flickr


I personally think it's a huge joke, my dear Martin.

Marketing gone wrong.

I'm sure it is a mistake - but the bigger joke is just how much people are going to have for their O2 iPhones in the UK ;-)

Wow, It's a shame the price is so high, they would sell many more. I got mine last month and paid 1/2 that price!

Be well!

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