Martin Belam talk at Leeds Community News Hub (and at The Guardian and at PublicZone) - resources

 by Martin Belam, 27 January 2011

If you were at my talk on Wednesday in Leeds, or on Thursday inside The Guardian, or on Friday with PublicZone, then here are some of the resources I mentioned during the presentation.

This linklog from my World Usability Day talk contains a whole set of links to sites featured in the slides.

A version of the talk is available as an essay. You either read it in 5 parts online - "No more 'us and them': How 20 years of digital communications smashed the boundaries between media and audience" - or download the whole series as a printable PDF.

The slides from my World Usability Day talk are available on SlideShare.

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I was really impressed with the quality of questions from the students in Leeds today: asking about CMS issues, digital denialists, paywalls, the business future for print, e-ink, and diversifying our audiences all cropped up

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