Notes and quotes from media and web events

Whenever I attend talks, presentations or conferences I try to write up the sessions for this blog, or on Inside Guardian.

With my various jobs, or just out of interest, I go to lots of events to do with the news industry, copyright and media policy and regulation. These are some of the ones I have covered on currybetdotnet:

Another type of event I enjoy are those about ecommerce and new media best practice include. Some of the best I've seen include:

I'm interested in issues around preservation and library skills in a digital age, and have written about several events I've attended related to that:

I've also sometimes blogged about going to events that aren't part of the core IA / journalism / digital media theme of this blog, like a "BBC Radiophonic Workshop Q&A at the Camden Roundhouse", "Let The Right One In - Director's talk with Tomas Alfredson at the Barbican", "'Designing Change' at the British Museum" and "The Future Of Cities: Grand Designs Live".

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