'Smug foul-mouthed juvenile overpaid twerp' Russell Brand graces The Sun's front page today

 by Martin Belam, 18 November 2009

You remember Russell Brand? In editorials over the last 12 months or so, The Sun has said he was a 'foul-mouthed' 'smug' 'juvenile overpaid twerp', guilty of 'disgusting stupidity', a 'sick tirade' and peddling 'unforgivable smut'.

And then it put him on the cover today picking his favourite Sun front pages. So not that unforgivable then. I honestly don't know which of the pair looks more opportunist.

The Sun pimping Russell Brand


Love Russell Brand.

He once said he regarded the Sun as a friend who's guts he secretly hated.

Yes that is quite hypocritical of them to regularly bash Russell only to feature him on the cover. I guess it shows how well Brand has coped with the bashing. Despite it, he was still willing to help them out.

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