Twitter - dangerous hunting ground for paedophiles. And The Sun's football correspondents

 by Martin Belam, 23 October 2009

Given that today's front page article described Twitter as 'a free and easy hunting ground for paedophiles seeking to lure kids for sex', was it the best timing for The Sun's North East football correspondent Steve Brenner to be opening lots of new accounts on a service where his paper says 'pornographic pictures of young girls are also freely available'?

The Sun front page with Twitter paedo story

The Sun's Twitter paedo story

The Sun opening lots of football accounts on Twitter on the same day


Did he open these accounts before or after the investigation?

Thanks for the great information. This is disgusting and should be policed like everything else online.

Twitter and anything social networking related needs to be supervised by parents very carefully. It is amazing what the internet can do for bad guys. Anyways just my 2 cents!

Tell me, Kris, did you post your spammy comment trying to get a backlink before or after actually reading my post? Or neither?

Hey 'Anonymous link spammer', trying to pimp your hair products on this post...guess what I think should be policed more carefully on the web? Yep, idiots like you.

lol idiots like me? so you are saying you'd rather waste resources going after spammers than pedophiles? weird... lol

and btw is your code always toothpaste? you should make it random

Heh, well, personally I don't go after paedophiles, but I do get 15 minutes of my day robbed from me every single day by 'dofollow' spammers who come to me via the various lists and forums where this blog gets named. Seriously, it isn't even hard to get a backlink here - leave an on topic comment that actually implies you've read the article, and don't keyword stuff the name field. It isn't rocket science...

Thanks for the post. I did not knew that twitter does not have a policy regarding such things. More over its my personal view that social networks must not allow people below 16. But then again that's my personal view point

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