London IA in the Pub on with added slides

 by Martin Belam, 12 October 2009

Wednesday 14th October sees the latest edition of London IA in the Pub. We are going to be at the Island Queen in Islington, and this time we are going to have a series of quick'n'dirty presentations in the upstairs room. Lab49 are kindly supplying the kit for that.

London IA in the Pub logo

We hope that on the night we'll have the following talks:

As you can see I'll be giving a new presentation - "The UX of moving house...with a pregnant spouse". It is about the good, the bad and the frankly baffling user experience and service design of finding and buying a house in the UK when you are trying to do as much as possible exclusively online.

The evening starts at 6:30, is free to attend, and space (which is limited to 50 spaces upstairs for the talks although there is more room downstairs) is on a first-come-first-served basis.


I've looked a couple of those events and I think I'll keep in touch with this to see if any come to Portland, OR to check em out. Lookin' good.

Yeah, that's a really cool idea Joe, I can see it now - "London IA in the pub from Portland, OR". I reckon loads of us would head over for that. Maybe you could mail me some suggestions of venues, and then I could make sure your email address got spammed loads, just like you are trying to comment spam my blog with this lazy half-arsed rubbish?

Are these events open to all with an interest in UX?

Hi Nick, yes they are - but it is nice if you join our London IA Ning group as well so that we get to know you as well :-)

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