links for 2009-08-10

 by Martin Belam, 10 August 2009


Baylor, my wife tells me, is a Texas university she went to visit aged 18 to humour her grandmother.

It is so chock-full of southern baptist Taliban lunacy that there is a strict dress code enumerating exactly by what fraction of an inch a woman's skirt may avoid the floor, and while she was touring the campus a bleeding man in a loincloth was dragging a mahogany cross over the quad.

I fear that they'll say more or less anything bad about Harry Potter, not because they are concerned for journalism but because of the ten-year pogrom over the SATAN WITCHCRAFT SATAN, etc.

Just sayin'. Context is valuable.

When you say to "humour her grandmother" do you mean that her grandma wanted her to consider going there, or that it just made her laugh to think of people's faces when they visited it? :-)

The former :)

well, ok, I think a grandmother should be humoured, or she will be bored to death.

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