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 by Martin Belam, 11 June 2009
  • "NICK Griffin claims to be the only man voters can trust to police Britain's borders - but perhaps he should start by looking at his own party meetings. The BNP put up a wall of burly minders to provide security at the dingy pub where newly-elected Mr Griffin was holding a victory rally, and also to exclude the Manchester Evening News."
  • From the comments: "What a truly abysmal and cynical article. If your intention was to provoke emotion, it has evidently worked". I'm convinced that Milo is on a bonus incentive scheme to replace Orlowski as the bête noire of choice for the UK digital audience.
  • "This is the first I’ve come across that compiles essentially everything that reporter is already doing and puts it together on one page. You can even subscribe to that reporter’s info stream. It reminds me a lot of friendfeed, where the reporters could pick what they want added (i.e. their blog, twitter, bookmarks, music, etc.). Except it’s sleeker and it’s hosted on the news organization’s site."
  • "You can use all the new media technology in the world. You can use all the online platforms available. You can be interactive and socially networked. But if you do not have a clear, authentic platform of real policies that address the politics of the real world, then you might as well pack up your laptop and give in to the extremists."
  • "Online advertising contributes $300 billion to the U.S. economy, totaling 2.1 percent of the nation's total gross domestic product, claims a study conducted by two Harvard Business School professors on behalf of the Interactive Advertising Bureau". I wonder how much of that used to be spent with ITV.
  • "However, what fascinates and amuses me is the way that all of this anger is directed at O2, not at Apple. You see the same phenomenon in the US, where there is anger directed at AT&T for various disappointments around the launch of the new iPhone – yet by and large Apple gets a pass. This is a familiar psychological phenomenon in many contexts. The revolution happens not because the King is bad – the King is anointed by God and beyond reproach – but because he is being misled by the corrupt and evil courtiers. The Prime Minister is not behind these terrible slurs – he is being badly advised by his spin doctors. Sometimes the contortions required to maintain this fiction are hilarious. When the occasional Apple virus emerges, there is a chorus from Apple’s fans blaming Microsoft for creating a context in which such viruses emerge – 'even on Macs!'"

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The anger being directed at O2 might have something to do with the fact that O2 said on ZDNet that it was them who cut the subsidy and hence raised the price.

The crazy tethering cost is also applying to non-Apple phones, so that's just an O2 thing too...

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