A few of my favourite blogs of 2008

 by Martin Belam, 30 December 2008

A few days ago I was tagged by Adrian Monck with a blogging parlour game meme - "The One Blog I Read That You’ve Never Heard Of". As it is time for my annual round-up of my favourite blogs, I thought I'd include the response in here.

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The blogs that I nominated in 2007 and 2006 featured, amongst others, Adrian Monck himself, AndyDickinson.net, Davblog, Diamond Geezer, Fabric of Folly, Frankie Roberto, Ian Douglas, James Cridland, Karen Loasby, Lee Harker, Martin Stabe, MediaWatchWatch, No Rock And Roll Fun, Shane Richmond, Paleo-Future, Robin Hamman's cybersoc, spEak You're bRanes, Teacher Dude's Grill and BBQ and This Is Not My Country.

Here, in alphabetical order, not order of merit, are 10 subscriptions that I've picked up this year which have been very welcome additions to my RSS reading habits:

Docuticker and ResourceShelf - Two blogs and info feeds from the FreePint stable bringing a constant stream of information tidbits and links to fantastic free data and research reports and sources.

Heresy Corner - Long well argued topical essays, chiefly about politics, religion and the media, which I sometimes don't agree with, but which are always thought-provoking.

Ian Visits - I've no idea who Ian is, or why he does this site, but it is basically a diary of upcoming events in London like walks, talks and get-togethers, which seems to be uncannily tuned to my own interests. Like Upcoming, but without me having to go to the bother of setting up a profile of my likes and dislikes.

Jon Slattery - Experienced punditry on the news business.

Metro Weird - Was very highly placed in my 2008 survey of successful newspaper RSS feeds, and since I don't commute regularly at the moment, I've signed on to get my fix of bonkers "news".

NME - The Daily Download - (Mostly) legal free music downloads linked to by the NME, often featuring cover versions or remixes by well known acts and new material by upcoming lesser lights. Always worth downloading and having a listen.

The Original Sims - I did some work alongside Davy Sims at the BBC, and I'm glad he seems to be carving a real digital niche for himself in Belfast and beyond.

Spectator Live - I always enjoy getting my news and views from a plurality of sources (or whatever the latest media buzzword is for 'it isn't just the BBC and The Guardian, you know chaps') and I really like the Spectator Live feed. Mostly short and very timely articles from a range a columnists and 'blogs' which pleasantly punctuate my day.

Stephen's Lighthouse - A library expert and blogger who is mind-bendingly enthusiastic about how technology can transform and improve the realm of the information professional.

And the one blog you've never heard of?

Well, if none of those are new to you, then I offer up 'A dog named Fred'. It is written by an ex-colleague and really good friend of mine who closely guards the privacy of their online identity, and relates their struggle to get their foster dog Fred into good health and to respond in obedience classes. It makes me laugh, and realise how much I miss working alongside them.


Martin, I'm honoured, thank you for noticing. I'll be movibng onto a proper platform in January (investing in a digital future). I'll let you know when the move takes place. In the meantime I hope you have a very happy new year. BTW - tried SR, Colgate and Mint with the last attempt - will now try Spearmint - if that doesn't work I'll just put this on my blog.



Awww, thank you for noticing Fred!

Work has meant my real life me has had to take up valuable space online but I still try to hide behind my fake me so my customers can't find me making an eejit of myself online!

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