Now and then at Green Park

 by Martin Belam, 19 May 2008

Occasionally, as the London Underground gets re-fitted and re-developed, you get a glimpse back into time. On Monday night, leaving the Victoria Line at Green Park, I was suddenly transported back to 1992. The poster sites at the foot of the escalators have been peeled back to reveal adverts for, amongst other things, Pritt Stick, Monument and Bruce Springsteen.

Bruce Springsteen advert

1990s book advert at Green Park

Here is one of Tower Records advertising their Easter specials. It is always good to see that regardless of whether Tower Records survives, or indeed whether 'records' survive, there will always be a place in advertising for an eggs-tremely bad Easter pun.

Tower Records Easter advert

It is all quite a contrast with the adverts on the escalators at Green Park, which showcase the latest Underground advertising video technology. You won't be able to scrape those off to reveal what was being advertising 16 years ago.

Picture of escalators at Green Park Underground station

Picture of escalators at Green Park Underground station

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Part of underground's billion pounds investment program I believe ! but hang on, now they are charging customers for all the fancy work by increasing fares everyday.

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