One Prince = c.100 People

 by Martin Belam, 16 July 2007
Well Carol, as you say, there was an incident at 11,500 feet above Newbury in Berkshire, on the morning of Wednesday the 24th of March, and these details have been reported in the briefest of detail on the CAA website. It says, and I quote, "an aircraft proximity report has been filed". Now, this is a report I understand where safety was or could have been compromised. And this is an aircraft proximity report between a military aircraft and an A321 which is an Airbus. Now what we've learned this evening was that that the Prince of Wales, Prince Charles, was actually on board that military jet. As you say he was heading to Spain to represent Britain there, at the memorial service for the victims of the Atocha rail bombings. He apparently was informed of the incident afterwards, although he was unaware of it happening at the time. And equally worrying on board that Airbus heading into Heathrow were more than a hundred passengers.

Nick Thatcher, BBC News 24, 00:14, Friday 16th July

Equally worrying?

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