"You can only select 2 teams"

 by Martin Belam, 4 June 2006

I hate bugs in web applications, and more than that, I hate bugs in web applications that imply that I'm the one doing something wrong when I am not.

Yahoo!'s official FIFA World Cup site is meant to allow you to customise the homepage with personalised news about two of the teams in the final tournament. Unless you are using Firefox, in which case you just don't seem to be able to add a second team.

It keeps insisting on telling me that I "can only select 2 teams", when all I am trying to do is add Australia - to keep an eye on ex-Leeds United players Harry Kewell and big-boned Mark Viduka - alongside England.

Bug in Yahoo's FIFA World Cup site

Following on from writing about the Peter Crouch robot dance on Friday, perhaps I need a new World Cup category on this site to go with the new World Cup 2006 section on 'A lemon tree of our own'?

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Hmm, digging around with this a bit further it seems I do have two teams set - Cyprus are set as my second team from when we were considering whether to move to there or to Crete. So in fact the problem is that now Yahoo! has narrowed down the list of available countries to the 32 finalists, I have no way of removing Cyprus from my personalised World Cup homepage.

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