User-Generated Content From In The Press And In The News

 by Martin Belam, 31 August 2005

Today I was pleased to see two different examples of user-generated content from the BBC website being reported.

In her G2 column Radio 3 presenter Penny Gore talked about the problems of skipping CDs, and mentioned that:

Particular discs will offend the sensibilities of our normally trusty CD players for no fathomable reason, leading to awkward moments for the presenter. On occasion a cluster of mysterious glitches, skips, and outright fallings-off-air, leading to dark speculation on the Radio 3 messageboard that I may have dropped my breakfast marmalade on the CDs and gummed up the mechanisms.

Meanwhile BBC News were reporting that the BBC had issued an apology about a programme called "Bring Your Husband to Heel", quoting directly from the Points of View messageboard:

Viewers complained to the BBC by telephone and on the Points of View website, with one viewer calling it "insulting to men and insulting the intelligence of women".

Another called the programme "sexist, degrading, insulting drivel".

The BBC News article goes on to report that:

The premise of the show, produced by independent firm Talkback, sees Clayton tackle stereotypical "husband problems" such as computer addiction and failing to do chores.

Thankfully Mrs Currybetdotnet hasn't seen the programme ;-)


Obviously Talkback won't be in a hurry to do a similar programme where they harrang my other half for her lack of bathroom cleaning.

It's a good job one of us likes to be tidy.

I don't know, there might be a market for it.

They could have a very emotive scene where I tell my wife how shocked I am that she hasn't checked my bloglines subscriptions and updated currybetdotnet this weekend.

Nah, maybe not.

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