LCD Soundsystem at Hammersmith Palais

 by Martin Belam, 26 April 2005

As expected LCD Soudsystem were awesome last night, and I also enjoyed the support, fellow DFA act The Juan Maclean - but two things in particular stood out for me.

Firstly, even if I hadn't just come from Malta to distort my idea of the cost of living, expecting people to pay FOUR POUNDS for a pint of of weak, warm lager in a plastic cup is astonishing. I like the Hammersmith Palais as a venue, but not the prices.

Secondly, I'm in the middle of a month off work, and yet the first time I've ventured out in London since my last day I found myself at one point standing only a metre away from one of the BBC's brighter stars, who is often on my floor of the Broadcast Centre working on projects in the same Core Web Products group to which I belong. Big city, small world.

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