Vote for your favourite EastEnders characters

 by Martin Belam, 26 August 2004

Last week may have seen the demise of the BBC's Pure Soap site, but we are still trying to attract that elusive young, female, soap-watching internet demographic. This week we launched a vote to find the nation's favourite ever EastEnders character

We want your help to select the best characters in EastEnders history. Here's what you need to do:
Look through the list of 100 characters below and select your top ten by clicking in the box alongside your favourite character. You must vote for ten, but if your favourite's missing you can email us with their name. Any character receiving significant support may be included in the final vote to be held later this year. Vote now!

I'm particularly pleased with it because my team turned around the co-production of this vote with a team in Manchester in breath-taking speed. However, I have to say EastEnders is a closed book to me. To be honest, I didn't even realise that there had been 100 characters in the programme.


I did my duty and voted. But where was Wellard?

You can email them and ask that he be included - - and use the subject line "Favourite EastEnder Character Nomination". You see, we thought of everything, even the dogs ;-)

"Where was Wellard? Tougher looking than Roly, if rather reclusive and not getting very many walks. The number of pets people have, and the amount of people who have them is not reflected in EastEnders, so please at least add them to your vote!"

There you go. You did say you needed more work...?

The auto-reply to my email told me I could try posting my question on the messageboard. :-/

LOL - There you go, now you've got more work ;-)

Good Read

i amvoting little mo and phil

i think zoe is the best actor so far she really funny and she tell them how it is

i would love alfie moon and nanna moon 2 win they are excelent characters play a wounderful part.

i think that chrissie is the best character by far she is a great actor and a tough on the outside but soft on the inside kind of thats who i am voting for

p.s. she has the nicest hair i have ever seen

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