BBC Pure Soap RIP

 by Martin Belam, 18 August 2004

So whilst BBC Fantasy Football clings on for its final season last knockings, today the Pure Soap site was dismantled - not so much with a bang, but at least with an amusing slice of self-deprecating humour.

Pure Soap homepage this morning showing a scene of domestic violence with the caption Trevor: It's not my fault Pure Soap's been axed

They offered one of the online vote's generated by a system that I look after. I'm glad that I don't have to handle the editorial side of things though, because my knowledge of soap beyond the Sunday morning Hollyoaks omnibus is zilch - the options of what users should do now were:

  • Talk soaps at an alternative location
  • Wander around acting the martyr like Sunita-rella in Corrie
  • Roll over and die like Bately in Emmerdale
  • Book the axeman in for a trim with Enders' Chrissie 'Scissorhands'
  • See if the boss 'comes home early from the party' with Corrie's Dicky
Pure Soap's last day online poll - Facing the axe, could you keep cheerful?

Which was frankly all Greek to me. After its' noon decommision, Pure Soap turned into a flash movie illustrating the smashing up of the site...

Five screengrabs of the Flash movie illustrating soap characters smashing up the BBC's Pure Soap site on its' last day

...which finished with a page offering the audience alternative refuges, with a nicely prominent link to the BBC News story announcing the site's demise.

The last frame of the Pure Soap flash movie - links to places to go, and a big link to why it happened

...well it all made me laugh anyway.


Should a government ever close down, we now know the way it has to bow out :)

with a huge pic of Greg Dyke on the front saying "well, he was right, you know."?

Kudos to the Pure Soap team...

i think its good to have soap on tv u need entertaniet in your life. i whacth them all the time

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