Andy Kaufman - dead or alive?

 by Martin Belam, 16 May 2004

20 years to the day after his 'death', Comic Relief are tonight staging a tribute to Andy. The rules of the event are pretty stict:

"This is a non-televised event. No cameras or recording devices will be permitted. Tickets are non-transferable and photo I.D. is required. Audience members will not be allowed to enter or leave the theater during the last 30 minutes of Andy Kaufman - Dead or Alive?".

Tony Clifton is singing, but will Andy himself appear? Enrique doesn't think so. But then the Andy Kaufman Lives site appears to be delightfully bonkers.

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What a great stunt - I love the blurring of fact and fiction, it was what made Andy Kaufmann so great (Blair Witch Project is a latter-day example).

I wonder if Jim Carrey will be there, after his excellent peformance of Kaufmann in Man in the Moon.

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