Another one bites the dust

 by Martin Belam, 15 May 2004

First Greg, and now Piers. Another Editor-in-Chief in the UK loses their jobs for allowing allegations of mis-doings in the "War-in-Iraq-affair" to be broadcast or published without sufficient fact checking to prove the stories are correct.

Without wanting to rake up old ground, it's just a shame the same standard of fact checking doesn't seem to apply if you publish front page stories supporting the official line on the war. For example, The Evening Standard on 24 September 2002 publishing the headline "45 MINUTES FROM ATTACK", or The Sun, the following day, with it's story "BRITS 45 MINS FROM DOOM" alleging that "BRITISH servicemen and tourists in Cyprus could be annihilated by germ warfare missiles launched by Iraq". Oh well.

The Sun's article archive is on a per-per-view basis - This is the summary of the article from their search result pages

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