The DJ view from inside Tower Bridge

 by Martin Belam, 8 December 2003

I had the good fortune this week to get a small slot DJ-ing at the Arts Council of England Winter Party, which was held at Tower Bridge. I didn't realise you could still actually get into the towers of Tower Bridge, assuming that like the Post Office Tower it had been closed long ago due to the risk of terrorism. The exhibition there isn't actually much to write home about to be honest, but the views are great. I am finally equipped with a camera on my phone, and took this picture looking back towards the north tower from one of the top-level gantries.

The view from a gantry on London's Tower Bridge, looking back towards the North Tower

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hi currybet,

I've strayed over here from Collective. Only knew of your existence when you announced departure to go on honeymoon, so nice to finally say hello. I'm London based too and work in music. Responding to this post because:

a) I know a fair few people at A.C.E., so am wondering if I know you too...

b) I once went to a party (not that one) on Tower Bridge too - it's great isn't it? Like partying in a corridor, but obviously with more spectacular views than your average corridor!

see ya around Collective, lg

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