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December 18, 2003

The interface between technology and brute force

Last week my computer at home died. Having crashed, it then failed to boot up. Even with the start up floppy it was limping to the opening windows splash-screen, before getting stuck as it attempted to run scandisk. At this moment a horrible screeching sound would start to emanate from the case, and my heart would sink. Naturally working in new media I had made no regular back-ups.... On the plus side, working in new media meant there has...
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Sometimes the politics of the media are more important than the politics

The Guardian's hybrid Life / Online supplement today had a backpage piece from Sean Dobson and Ben Hammersley eulogising the effect the web has had on Howard Dean's doomed campaign to be the next U.S. President. I've not decided whether the article is a realistic portrait of what has transpired in America or just further evidence of the Guardian fetishism of what it calls "the weblog phenomenon". But it only added to my frustration about the way The Guardian...
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December 8, 2003

The DJ view from inside Tower Bridge

I had the good fortune this week to get a small slot DJ-ing at the Arts Council of England Winter Party, which was held at Tower Bridge. I didn't realise you could still actually get into the towers of Tower Bridge, assuming that like the Post Office Tower it had been closed long ago due to the risk of terrorism. The exhibition there isn't actually much to write home about to be honest, but the views are great. I...
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December 2, 2003

Five Live Sporting Century vote in the Evening Standard

You may have guessed from my paucity of comment about it recently that I am no longer working on the search project within the BBC. I am currently producing / project managing a disparate group of products that I haven't felt comfortable writing about. Until now. One of the projects I have been working on - the Radio Five Live Sporting Century - made a full-page splash in the Evening Standard today as they managed to blow the embargo...
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