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November 26, 2003

Steve Norris takes the money. And runs. For mayor.

One thing you have to love about the Conservative party is their unfailing ability at present to shoot themselves in the foot. London Mayoral candidate Steve Norris has taken on the role of chairman of Jarvis. This is the firm you will recall who have pulled out of National Rail network maintenance after being implicated in the Potters Bar crash. And the same Jarvis who are a part-owner of "Tube Lines", maintaining track for the London Underground. And not...
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November 21, 2003

"I hate Macs" says salesperson

I went to the Mac Expo at Islington Business Design Centre yesterday (open today and tomorrow, £10 to get in) I have to say I was slightly disappointed with the lack of branded freebies. The top gadget on offer was the slimp3 which looked awesome. I also realised that I am now certain my next large investment in technical kit is going to have an Apple logo on it. My favourite moment though was when I was receiving a...
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November 18, 2003

Ashley Highfield live chat on BBCi talks about the BBC Creative Archive

The BBC's director of New Media & Technology did an interview on Friday for a BBCi Live Chat. There is now a transcript on the BBCi site. One question tried to nail down exactly what the BBC Creative Archive is going to be. Ashley said: "The creative archive is an initiative to dig into the archive at the BBC, starting with our factual stuff, natural history etc. We'll see if we can't get some of that locked-up content archived,...
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November 11, 2003

Suspending comments in Movable Type whilst on holiday

I came back from holiday today to find a comments system chocked up with viagra spam, idle spats of anonymous users calling me "ass hole", idiot kids trying to get me to help them download MSN messenger or do their homework on the London Congestion Charge, people defending David Blaine, and repeated callings of the comment script by All of which made me firstly think how if I get this level of comment hassle, then people who actually...
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Identity Card statement to the House of Parliament by David Blunkett

So David Blunkett has announced in parliament today that at a cost of £3 billion we are on a ten year road to a compulsory biometric identity card in Britain. He sold it on the grounds of increasing security, cutting down on fraud, and basically that the technology is there, the American's are doing it, so we had better as well. The cards will come in by stealth as biometrics are gradually added to renewed passports and driving licences....
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