Search engine placement advertising hits the broadsheet press

 by Martin Belam, 23 September 2003

Maybe these sort of adverts have been appearing for ages and I've missed it, but I was quite knocked back today to see an advert apparently offering top 20 positions on "all the major search engines of the internet" on page 13 of The Guardian. And that's the main paper, not even the New Media section tacked on the back of Mediaguardian.

a scan of the search engine placement advert in the guardian today

...I wonder what the ROI is on an advert like that?


Nope, these aren't that unheard of. I've seen them everywhere..especially in alternative weeklies where they'll take any advertising to make $$$.

It wasn't so much what was being advertised - I am *well* aware of the industrial activity going on in that department - more the fact that the advert was in the *mainstream* UK press

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