MSN will protect your children

 by Martin Belam, 24 September 2003

...following on from MSN ditches chat - Gillian Kent urges everybody to adopt Instant Messenger

Exercise one

1. Open MSN Messenger client
2. Select contacts >> Search for a contact >> Search by interest
3. Select Teens from the MSN Member Directory. [Note that despite the .com urls the address is the logo in the top right-hand corner]
4. View a list of children in the uk who have given out their username, age, gender and interests out to the "safe" environment of unmoderated one-to-one instant messaging.
5. Click "View Teen Groups" and scroll down to the group "Teen Girl Pics".
6. Select "pictures" from the left hand nav and enjoy MSN Groups like "girls tits only", "sexy babes", and the charming "gets ur tits out - any girls wana get there tits out get em out here".

Exercise Two

Compare and contrast exercise one with the following statement:

1) Gillian Kent (Director of MSN UK): "Around the world we have 100 million people using Instant Messenger. That's a great safe way of communicating. We encourage everybody to take up this new form rather than the older form of chats."


What is closing down is msn messanger closing down or just the chat rooms.

thanxs Katie

i think mns is the best email site ever plz dont shut it down we all like it

To be honest, I don't think MSN, MSN Messenger or Microsoft are to blame. They are simply providing the service - it is down to the PEOPLE who use it as to WHAT details they disclose to people around the world.

why u closing down the chat rooms 4 thx kelly

hurry up i want a comment im me atXxBettyBoop65Xx

i think that they shouldn't take the chat off but kick the people of the chat or something don't spoil other peoples fun and chat time

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