Content is worthless, it is publishing that counts

 by Martin Belam, 15 January 2003

Arnold Kling writing at Tech Central Station has some negative things to say about the Creative Commons initiative - not least of which is that it is -

"based on a strikingly naive 60's-retro ideological view of how content intermediaries function"

I would be a lot more interested in his arguments if it wasn't for the fact that the music industry 'content publishers' in the UK (including the BBC) are currently engaged in a war of inflicting consecutive hit singles from reality-tv-docu-soap-gameshows on the nation.

Arnold argues that:

"in reality, the economics of content are that most of the value-added comes from the filtering process, not the creation process."

He obviously hasn't heard the Popstars: The Rivals or the Fame Academy records.

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