links for 2011-02-16

 by Martin Belam, 16 February 2011

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Regarding Paul Bradshaw's "not feudalism" article, it's interesting that right below your links post in my reader is Scott Rosenberg's The road to Web serfdom: Huffington’s free-as-in-beer posts vs. the free-as-in-speech Web. Instead of looking at the content per se Rosenberg argues that "it’s about control of the platform that delivers your writing and ownership of any (typically meager) fruits from that labor." While I think Rosenberg is onto something here - that paid employees "writing code instead of copy" generate value - I think he misses the point that it is the sophistication of those platforms which facilitate the broad distribution of content. Wordyard is not HuffPo or the Guardian, not simply because it a single contributor's site, but because it can never compete at an architectural level with enterprise online publications.

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