Now scientists say "Stop reading the Daily Express to enjoy a longer life"!

 by Martin Belam, 18 February 2010

From the "D,ho! The irony" files.

In recent weeks the Daily Express has bought us front pages like this.

Daily Express doom-mongering front page    Daily Express doom-mongering front page

Daily Express doom-mongering front page    Daily Express doom-mongering front page

Daily Express doom-mongering front page    Daily Express doom-mongering front page

Daily Express doom-mongering front page    Daily Express doom-mongering front page

Yet today, on page 3, they tell us that 'being happier' is the secret to a longer life.

Daily Express happy article

And so it seems like stopping reading all the miserable doom-mongering in the Daily Express might make you live longer...


Waiting to see the Express headline tomorrow after Nicholas Winterton's justification of why he has to use First Class Rail Travel.

Obviously the hoi polloi do not have jobs that require any work on the train.

Get a life Nicholas - how can be representing us when he has no idea of life in Britain?

Thank god he is standing down.

It might make you live longer but can you be truly happy without Daily Express? HA HA

I completely agree with this. There are SO many miserable doom mongering tabloids and newspapers on the stands today. Especially at the grocery store! Waiting in line to check out, all the shocking headlines just suck you in, and then BAM, you are hooked! I also agree that feeling happy will add years to your life, as stress is a HUGE factor in disease. Cheers, and thanks for writing this.

I really believe in that sentiment that being happy adds more years to your life. Your cells are also happier.

I dont know why people buy these hate newspapers. There is more to life than complaining

It seems spreading pesimism can be dangerous too, even via newspapers. Should we consider journalists violent in that case? :)

Several years ago I made a decision to stop reading newspapers or watching the news.It is always so depressing. I also stopped watching soaps as I began to realise that they were spreading a miserable atmosphere as well. I can't believe the number of people who seem to live through the soaps they watch. I reckon I feel happier not being exposed to any of it.People laugh at me for being so totally out of touch but frankly I don't care.

Michelle, technically, can cells be 'happy'?

Scaremongering sells, people in this country seem to like having some thing to complain about or be scared of. Shame really.

Well thank the lord we don't have The Daily Express here in the US. We only have the National Enquirer and a host of others :-)

Funny I think the same, in fact I try only to read the sunday papers as I feel the dailies do not have enough time to research and verify the facts they write about.

But yeah if you want to live longer avoid the media

Most of the people just read this stuff and they forget about it 5 minutes later. That's the best way to survive: don't worry be happy.

Perhaps a moot point, because here in the US, newspapers are slowly fading away. Cable TV, though is thriving.

daily express rules. i read it everyday

I don't read it anyway, The Daily Mail is a brainwashing piece of worthless trash... besides, it's a paper for the "oldies".

I can't abide the DE, just a rag IMHO

Daily newspapers are, in my opinion, crap. Because they can't take the time to actually write something smart.

HA!I rather enjoy DE-type papers! They make me laugh, and maybe THAT will add a few years.

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