Naked hypocrisy in the Daily Mail

 by Martin Belam, 14 October 2008

Occasionally the Daily Mail veers into the territory of self-parody.

Take last Wednesday's edition.

On page 22, there was an article about rugby player Danny Cipriani, illustrated with a massive picture of the star with only a rugby ball to protect his modesty.

Naked Danny Cipriani in the Daily Mail

Page 37 had an article about how hippies have turned into their parents. Of course, the Daily Mail can't illustrate a story about hippies without a picture of a carefree hippie-chick showing her breasts.

Topless hippie chick in the Daily mail

And on page 56?

An article by Liz Jones deploring the gratuitous use of nudity.

Naked Oppression in the Daily Mail

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I believe it's called having your cake and eating it, and when you're the Daily Mail it's your stock in trade!

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