Newspapers 2.0: OPML files for The Telegraph and The Mirror blogs by author

 by Martin Belam, 5 June 2007

Interesource (not Intersource as I kept calling them) have been very pro-active in responding to my comments about the blogs on The Telegraph and The Mirror that they provide.

One of the team was quick to point out some innacuracy in my table of newspaper blog features, where I'd missed out, amongst other things, that they offered navigation by tags.

He also pointed out that some of the blogs, like Shane Richmond's, did offer blogrolls, and not only that, that they listed the contents of the blogroll in OPML format.


It is, I think, the only use of OPML I saw across all of the newspaper sites I surveyed.

In order to properly analyse the subscriber numbers of The Mirror and The Telegraph's blogs, I also wanted to look at the per author feeds that they offer.


There doesn't seem to be a page listing these feeds on either site, so, as with Comment Is Free, with a bit of an Excel cludge I've extracted the list of authors listed in their HTML, and converted them into OPML files.

OPML The Mirror - per author blog feeds

OPML The Telegraph - per author blog feeds

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We do offer an OPML file as part of our RSS feeds, we just haven't pushed it very far.

Full list of Telegraph feeds as an OPML file:


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