How many logos does one London Olympic Games need?

 by Martin Belam, 4 June 2007

Do you have a logo for your business or event?

Does it neatly encapsulate the vision of what you are doing - say for example including a recognisable landmark like the Thames, in the colours of something to do with what you are promoting, I don't know, say the Olympics?

Does it carry all the vital information you need to convey, say for example the date and location of the event?

Have you sold a ton of merchandising already featuring this logo?

Repainted underground trains with it?


Has it been seen millions of times by people all over the world, and therefore has a high global recognition factor for a high profile global event?



Then I suggest you ditch it at once in a glitzy ceremony at the taxpayers expense.



Yeah, no-one much seems to like the new logo.

I guess the original was the 'bid logo', but still, it was a better design than the new one.

I'm not really concerned about whether it was any good or not - I just don't see the point of doing anything other than dropping "Candidate City" from the bid logo

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