Updating to a new Symantec virus definition file will "help catch the most recent viruses"

 by Martin Belam, 23 February 2007

I keep getting this odd message on the screen when I boot up my work laptop. At first I thought it might be a bad translation, or a bit of improper localisation, since my loaned Sony Vaio is running the German language version of Windows XP.

However, thanks to the logo that appears on the task bar, I've realised it is being caused by the Symantec Security software on the machine, so I'm sure it was originally written in English. I understand the meaning of the message, it is just the phrasing that seems odd to me.

The virus definition file used is more than 30 days old. Updating to a new virus definition file will help catch the most recent viruses

Surely updating the definition file should protect me from viruses, not help me to "catch the most recent viruses"... ;-)


i have installed symantec antivirus version and i have updated 6th may virus definition file everthing is fine but the virus definition file is not showing that date,its showing 4/5/2006,can u please help me

yeah I just noticed that too, glad someone else thinks it's funny :)

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