So That's Cycling Over For A Bit Then

 by Martin Belam, 18 July 2005

Yesterday I beat my time to do the circuit round my bit of Walthamstow on my bike by four minutes.

This morning I cycled to the station for the first time as part of my commute to work.

This evening I went home on the bus holding what was left of the lock that had failed to stop my bike being stolen from Walthamstow Central.



I'm really sorry to hear that! I got back to the station one day in June to an empty space instead of a car. :(

Looking on the bright side, I've now got a vehicle that I'm much happier with, so in a way I'm glad that mine did get nicked.

Your bike was more of a new toy for you though. Have a *hug*.

Poor currybet.

I had my bike stolen in Hackney a couple of years ago.

I'm interested: what bike lock did you have and how did they managed to break it open...?

condolences. Same thing happened to me recently, 7th in the last 15 yrs. Hope it was insured.

Oh Noooo! That's awful. I'm so sorry to hear about it.

But don't let the buggers keep you off the road - just knuckle down, re-insure and get a new bike. Make sure it's nice and ugly, though...

Sadly, I have a bit of experience with this. When my first good bike was stolen, I chatted with some of the local street people I knew pretty well, who then miraculously intervened and made sure my bike was returned (yes, really, but this was in Canada. And no, the cops couldn't believe it, either.) Years later bike touring in the UK, we thwarted teenage boys from stealing our bikes on several occasions - awkward multiple locks and dumb luck rather than good management preventing a clean getaway. Most irritatingly, Eric had his beloved shiny, very unique, German gentleman's bicycle stolen from our "safe" locked parking garage in the Barbican, and was incensed to see the thief proudly riding it around Hackney. Eric was so mad he shouted and ran after the idiot, who quite sensibly sped away, never to be seen in the neighbourhood again. Eric still mourns the bike's loss, but now has a new Indian bicycle, and is perking up...

Ride free, citizen.

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