Green Fair in Waltham Forest (Quietly)

 by Martin Belam, 18 July 2005

This afternoon I popped over to my local park to visit Waltham Forest's Green Fair. There were quite a few stalls there, a brass band, some Shetland Ponies from the local farm, displays of dancing (African and traditional English) and a host of activities for kids. There was also a knock-out table football competition (although I wasn't sure what the 'green' credentials of that were!).

Re-Vamp!    Ponies

Trad Dancing    Waltham Forest Green Fair

The crowd wasn't bad, but I think the event had been really under-publicised in the borough. I only saw one small poster for it in Council's information shop (from a bus window at that), and it was only word of mouth - i.e. my mum saying she was going - that reminded me it was on. Even the council website by way of information simply gives you the personal phone number for the organiser. It is such a shame that sometimes Waltham Forest puts on these events that could be both educational and fun for all of our community, yet fails to put a publicity effort behind them.

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