Evening Standard Reconsiders Gipsy Camp Pun?

 by Martin Belam, 16 June 2005

Both the Evening Standard and the Standard Lite contained a feature today by fashion editor Laura Craik about skirts. Not being a fashionista the thing that caught my eye was the difference in the editorial treatment. The later edition has clearly benefitted from a re-write, but what was most noticeable was the alternative headlines. The Evening Standard went for a quite sober:

Girls will wear swirls this summer
The gipsy skirt is the surprise smash hit of the season - the longer, the frothier and the more diaphanous the better

Unlike the earlier edition which screamed in true tabloid puntastic fashion:

Gipsy skirt style sets up camp in the High St

I wonder whether the difference reflects a conscious decision to target a more tabloid agenda with the free paper at lunchtime, a simple case of re-writing to suit the layout, or a reflection that maybe the earlier Standard Lite headline was pandering to prejudice.

Gipsy skirt style sets up camp in the High St

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Are you sure it wasn't the reverse? The Evil Standard came out, but then the editors noticed it wasn't prejudiced, reactionary rubbish, so they changed it for the freeshit?

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