Andy is back...and blogging?

 by Martin Belam, 20 May 2004

Someone has set up an "Andy Kaufman Returns" blog - and Yahoo! News are reporting the content as fact:

"Twenty years ago, on May 16, 1984, most of the world believed that we had lost a comedic legend forever. This has turned out to be what will inevitably be known as the greatest comic prank ever conceived. Andy Kaufman, by all accounts, is alive and well at age 55 and is now living in New York City on the upper west side."

There is some dark comedy at work here - but I doubt it belongs to Andy.

<Added>  Snopes are on the case


Whoever and whatever is going on... It's all a good ruse :)

Snopes already have an article about it - and as I pointed out to someone earlier today - if you were planning the performance art comedy stunt of the century, you'd think you'd register your own domain name...

You would wouldn't you :)

I just love the reactions on that blog. The combination of out and out "stop doing this, it's sad", the firm believers and the people who just seem to be playing along - makes the internet great :).

You know what they say about comedy:

timing, timing, timing

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