Linklog special: "Come as you are" at the Polish IA Summit

 by Martin Belam, 7 April 2011

This morning I gave the opening keynote talk at the Polish IA Summit in Warsaw. Here is a linklog special of some of the things I referenced in the talk.

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Having been determined to increase usability and stickiness of some of my self-built and high competition commercial websites I found the above list of UX and IA links invaluable. Because of the field's broad scope and varying (often conflicting) advice relating to usability / architecture / framework it's been difficult for a non-expert such as me, to grasp the full concept in the non-specialist press (and by that I mean dot net magazine!) or any "dummies" type books. Your list neatly placed everything together with real world examples and drilled down into the stuff that actually matters..

I guess what I'm saying in a ludicrously roundabout way, that fails from a usability point of view - is thanks!

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