Student video interview with me about the impact of mobile technology on journalism and newspapers

 by Martin Belam, 12 January 2011

A couple of weeks ago Myressa Markham visited me at The Guardian. She is studying Electronic Publishing at City University London and is doing a project about the impact of mobile technology on journalism. As part of it she came in to interview me.

We talked about whether mobile usage was eating into our desktop audience, about using mobile technology as a publishing tool for journalists as well as a consumption tool for readers, and the attractiveness of the 'finishability' of the printed product compared to the open-ended nature of the web.

She has put her project online as she develops it, entitled 'What's your Mojo?'. As well as featuring a video of the interview with me, it includes quotes from her interviews with Jonathon Moore, Product Manager for Mobile Devices at the Guardian, and Kevin Anderson, freelance journalist and former correspondent for the BBC and Guardian.

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