Even in the 21st century, Sherlock still takes The Times

 by Martin Belam, 4 August 2010
'Strand postmark, and despatched ten thirty-six,' said Holmes, reading it over and over. 'Mr. Overton was evidently considerably excited when he sent it, and somewhat incoherent in consequence. Well, well, he will be here, I dare say, by the time I have looked through The Times, and then we shall know all about it." - The Adventure of the Missing Three-Quarter

Given that Conan-Doyle's Sherlock Holmes was a regular reader of The Times, it was perhaps no surprise that the news website that the 21st century BBC Sherlock was using looked more than a little familiar...

The 'Online News' website in the BBC's recent Sherlock

Times Online homepage in the pre-paywall era


Ha! Spotted this too... was a nice touch.

One thing I wondered, though, was why they didn't ask The Times to make them a mocked up page with a fake headline etc? In the same episode, Holmes is reading a newspaper (can't remember which.. the Express maybe?) which has been mocked up with the story. Bit more authentic.

Not sure about "Euro referendum rears it's head" either...

I'm pretty sure Sherlock would prefer the new look site...

But it must play hell with the newsboys incomes when Holmes can dispense with their efforts to place notices in the local papers himself via the Internet. And where in the information age does he place them? Still the Times? Or places like Facebook and MySpace?

But then we may have gained something, given that a flamewar between Holmes and Professor Moriarty would be something to read about.

Do forgive me; I could write more but I'm off to locate the Reichenbach Falls via Google Earth.

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