'The future of journalism' and Linked Data panel

 by Martin Belam, 4 September 2009

Next week I'll be taking part in the first London Linked Data meetup. I'll be on a panel chaired by Paul Bradshaw, looking at what linked data means for 'the future of journalism', alongside John O' Donovan (BBC), Leigh Dodds (Talis) and Dan Brickley.

The event is described as:

"for people who are interested in learning about Linked Data on the Web, people working on making data available on the web, people building infrastructure and applications for the Web of Data, and people who are interested in how to apply Linked Data technologies within their enterprises."

If that includes you, then I encourage you to sign up. It is being held at the Hammersmith Club, and starts at 1:30pm.

As a result of the Linked Data event clashing with September's 'London IA in the pub', we've moved that a day forward to Tuesday September 8th.

(And honest, it was because of the Linked Data event, and nothing to do with England vs. Croatia)

We'll be trying out a new venue for the event, The Harrison, in the back-streets of Kings Cross, by Grays Inn Road. The pub does really good food, often has Spotify supplying the soundtrack, and has lots of electricity sockets to plug-in your laptops, so if you'd like to chat about any aspect of UX in a social surrounding, come along...

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