links for 2009-03-14

 by Martin Belam, 14 March 2009
  • "I have just been interviewed by CNN India about Jade Goody, which may sound a bit like asking Piers Morgan to comment on mystic hermits of the early Middle Ages". To be honest, I'd pay good money to hear Piers fluff his way through that one. More seriously, Charlie Beckett says "As journalists we never show the moment of death. We also tend to avoid graphic representations of the true brutality of its aftermath". That isn't strictly true. We might not show moments of British death, but in the last couple of weeks British newspapers online happily showed the corpses of the Pakistani policeman killed in the terrorist ambush of the Sri Lankan cricket, and some papers embedded stills and a video from Sky News which seemed to show the death of the Winnenden gunman
  • "So our rather small 'social listening' experiment became a rather large, trending, quite crowded, coming thick and fast at you, tweeting experiment. Blimey". #goodradioclub feels the marketing push that is a single mention by @stephenfry

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Good point re fine lines over death. Comic Relief showed someone's last moment of consciousness last night - apparently it's ok if it's a long way away.

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