The Independent goes Muswell Hill at least

 by Martin Belam, 8 February 2009

It looks like the credit crunch is beginning to bite around Muswell Hill, and this week we lost our branch of the Fine Burger Company.

Fine Burger Company closed sign

That didn't deter The Independent's distribution team, however. This week, despite the country grinding to a halt under the weight of the snow, the newspapers have continued to get through to the branch.

Newspapers piling up in the doorway

I suppose it is one way of keeping the bulk distribution numbers up for those all important ABCs. I can't help feeling, though, that the fact that you can pick the paper up for free off FBC's doorstep might be hampering Indy sales in the newsagent 3 doors down.

The Independent goes free


That's brilliant!

practically (not that I AM PLANNING to).

would the act of 'picking up' the newspaper left on doorsteps be consider as theft or public service?

how 'dead' would the company need to be before it is considered as latter?

sorry can't resist! ;-)

True post...might seem funny or sad...but this is happening all over the world in the crisis!

All the snow is certainly not going to help things here in the UK. I read in the paper (express n star) that we now have the worst economy in the world??
The unattended news papers could be considered rubbish so in my eyes its not stealing he he

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